Public Authority For Housing Welfare (PAHW)

The Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) is one of the independent government establishments in Kuwait. It is appointed by the Government of Kuwait to provide towns and settlements to accomodate Kuwaiti citizens and immigrants while providing all the required services (educational/religious/social). For more information about them please visit  their official website

Being one of its major clients, Alamiah Building Co. KSCC have completed various educational, religious and social units for them, some of which are listed hereunder :-

Completed Projects

Contract No.: 98/97-795 - Construction, completion and maintenance of 241 houses of 8 different types with Main Mosque, Imam Residence, Groups of Shops, Substations, Infrastructure and all related services for Jaber Al-Ali Housing Development worth   KD 11,447,457.000

Design, production, installaton and completion of various substations in precast system, worth KD 775,000.000

Construction, completion and maintenance of Intermediate Schools and Kindergarten at Qurain, worth KD 3,390,000.000

Ongoing Projects

Contract No.: 1184/2011-2012 - Construction, Completion and Maintenance of Public Buildings At Neighborhood (C) of Sabah Al-Ahmed City worth KD 34,053,227.672