Mohammed Abdulmohsin Al-Kharafi & Sons

Mohammed Abdulmohsin Al-Kharafi & Sons for General Trading, General Contracting and Industrial Structures WLL is a private Kuwaiti based group with diverse interests and activities worldwide, established as a trading company more than 100 years ago it has since developed into a large multi-national company. Following on from 1956 and with the advent of the construction boom in the Gulf, caused by the build-up of oil wealth in the region, Kharafi’s Construction Division quickly assumed a dominant role and expanded in response to the demands of a rapidly developing nation.

Having been awarded a number of important projects in Kuwait, the Gulf States, Africa, the Caribbean, Asia and Eastern Europe, the MAK Group today has increased its size and status as a Grade “A” International Contractor and these successful foreign ventures have led to the establishment of permanent branches in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Egypt, Kenya, Botswana, Maldives, Niger, Albania, Lesotho & Tanzania, Lebanon, South Africa, Indonesia, Eritrea, Syria, Gambia & Bulgaria.

Alamiah Building Company is one of the MAk Group of Companies in Kuwait, and had executed many projects for this prestigious client, few of which are listed hereunder :-

Completed Projects

Construction, Completion and Maintenance of Kharafi Residential Development at Plots 5 & 6, Block 153, Belajat Street Salmiya, Kuwait, worth KD 3,761,007.000

Design, detailing, manufacture, delivery and installation of precast concrete slabs and supply only of precast concrete wheel stoppers for Central Bank New Headquarters (Package 02), Kuwait, worth KD 90,000.000

Design, manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance of Plant Precast Structural Concrete Bleachers for Al-Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad International Stadium at Ardiya in Kuwait, as well as calculation for Post Tensioning, detailing, fabrication, testing, supply, delivery to site and installation of Post Tensioning works to 16 nos. tooth beams including mobilization, renting and demobilization of all equipment required to complete the Post Tensioning works for this project, worth KD 1,880,000.000

Design and build complete precast skeleton for the multistoreyed car park for Kuwait Awqaf Public Foundation at Sharq, Kuwait. Works comprised of fabrication, supply and installation of Precast DT slabs, Beams, Columns etc. worth KD 969,000.000

Design, Shop Drawing, Fabrication, Supply & Installation of Precast Pipe Racks for Aromatics Complex, worth KD 2,184,656.000

Supply and installation of precast boundary wall for MPW Contract No. SE34 i.e., Design, Construction, Operation, Maintenance & Renovation of Sanitary Drainage Network in Kuwait Phase III - Part (B1), Shuwaikh Industrial & Hospital Areas and Construction of Pump Station A7 and Related Tunnels worth KD 77,000.000

Design, production, installation and completion of precast substations at Doha - Kuwait, worth KD 775,000.000

Design, detailing, fabrication, supply, deliver and install in place including finishing, all required support system, accessories, etc. and maintenance of the curved GRC panels for Wafra Mall Package-2 at Salmiya, Kuwait worth KD KD 17,343.477

Ongoing Projects

Design, detailing, submission of shop drawings, manufacture, testing, delivery, installation and maintenance of structural precast & precast pre-stressed beams for the Ministry of Education Headquarters at South Surra, worth KD  182,230.000

Design, supply, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of 34 Nos. of 11KV Main Ring Substation Type 1 (4 Transformer) and 4 Nos. of 11KV Main Ring Substation Type 2 (2 Transformer) for Contract No. 1150 - construction, completion and maintenance of 1271 houses, public buildings, electrical substation type (2 & 4), road works, car parks and infrastruction works for Part 1 of Neighbourhood - A (Blocks A1, A2 & A3) in Sabah Al-Ahmed Housing City, Kuwait, worth KD 850,000.000

Design, supply, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of 27 Nos. of 11KV Main Ring Substation Type 1 (4 Transformer) and 31 Nos. of 11KV Main Ring Substation Type 2 (2 Transformer) for Contract No. 1158 - construction, completion and maintenance of Jaber Al-Ahmed Housing Project - Neighbourhood (N2) Kuwait, worth KD 1,046,512.321

Design, manufacture, testing, supply, installation and maintenance of Precast Pre-stressed Double Tee Slabs for Contract No. 16/2011/2012 - Government Sector Projects at Kuwait International Airport Package 02 - Administration Building, Car Park & Fire Stations, worth KD 899,766.000