Al-Babtain Central Library for Arabic Poetry

Project Title:  Al-Babtain Central Library for Arabic Poetry at Sharq
Owner:  Mr. Abdul Aziz Saud Al-Babtain
Construction Management:  Engineering Systems Group, Kuwait
Consultant:  Kuwaiti Engineering Group, Kuwait
Contractor:  Alamiah Building Co. KSCC, Kuwait
Contract No.:  01/2002
Contract Value:  KD 2,560,000.000

Al-Babtain Central Library for Arabic Poetry is ideally located in Sharq area at Kuwait city, between Abdulla Al-Ahmed Street and Gulf Road, with its North-West side facing the Gulf Road. The project is surrounded by roads on all its four sides.

The project is strategically located near some of the important buildings in town. The Seif Palace and the Ministry of External lies right across the Gulf Road on the North-West side of the propose library building, and the Ministry of Planning & the Grand Mosque on the East side of the proposed building.

The design is originated to utilize the maximum functionality of the building.  The flexibility of design allows and guarantees to include all required components for a Traditional Kuwait and Islamic Style Library with all modern amenities.

The total site area of the project is 11591 m2 with the site sloping steeply towards the Gulf Road direction.

The buildings works includes;
  a) Main Library Building
  b) Administration Building
with a total area of 8700 m2 and 1162m2 respectively.

Main Building
Main Building consists of Basement, Ground, First, Second and Third Floors with the following areas;
* Basement Floor - 3430m2
* Ground Floor - 1446m2
* First Floor - 1315m2
* Second Floor - 1315m2
* Third Floor - 865m2

Main Building is of a cast-in-situ concrete framed structure consisting of Basement, Ground, First, Second & Third Floors.

Basement is accessed through ramp, stairs & elevators. The finishing works includes glazed curtain walls, gypsum board wall partitions and false ceilings, aluminium doors and windows, ceramic floor and wall ceramic tiles, wood, marble, PVC floorings, fabric wrapped ceiling and wall panels for auditorium. The rooms are formed by exterior and interior concrete unit masonry walls, stone cladded or painted finish.

Service equipment are located in basement area, which also accommodate a car park and well equipped auditorium with all modern facilities, offices, storages, toilets & kitchen.

Ground Floor includes computer room, diwaniya, prayer room, cafeteria, toilets, kitchenette, exhibition hall and control room.

Upper floors consist of halls, library room, reading areas with toilet facilities etc.  The library rooms are protected with Fire Protection System. The building is centrally air conditioned which is controlled by Building Automation System.

Administration Building
Administration Building consists of Basement, Ground, First, Second and Third Floors with the following areas;
* Basement Floor - 299m2
* Ground Floor - 250m2
* First Floor - 250m2
* Second Floor - 313m2
* Third Floor - 50m2

Administration Building is of a cast-in-situ framed structure consisting of Basement, Ground, First & Second Floors. The finishing works includes marble and terrazzo and ceramic tiles, gypsum board ceiling, painted wall finishes and acoustical wall panels.

Car Park
* The Public Car Park is located between the Administration Building and the Main Building, with a capacity of 105 numbers of car parks.
* The VIP Car Park is located at the basement of the Main Building with a capacity of 14 numbers of car parks.
* The car parks are provided with traffic marking & signs. Walking area and the floor is applied with surface hardener with dealer.

Main and Administration Buildings are connected via a concrete structured services tunnel of approximately 73mtrs long.

Boundary Wall
Boundary walls are made of continuous footing & retaining wall cast-in-situ concrete finished, with architectural precast concrete panels and metal work, and provided all around the site.

Landscaping and Fountain
Landscape works are designed in such a way that it will create a visual convenient and attractive environment, keeping in mind the following;

* Fountains are located to have maximum viewing effect.
* Landscape planting is selected to offer a variety of colour.
* Stone and marbles tiles are selected to have an integral effect of external work with the building.