Special Forces Facility at Sulaibiya

Contract No.:  SPA/30
Project Title:  Construction, Execution & Maintenance of Special Forces Facility
Project Location: Adjacent to Central Prision - Sulaibiya. Surrounded by Fifth Ring Road, Khalaf Al-Ahmar Street, Sulaibiya Industrial Street & Sulaibiya Road.
Client:  Ministry of Public Works, Kuwait.
Consultant: M/s. Dar Al Handasah Consultants, Kuwait.
Main Contractor: M/s. Alamiah Building Co. KSCC
Project Value: KD 57,741,880/-
Total Plot Area: 630,000m2
Total Built-Up Area for Buildings & Facilities: 240,810m2
Total External Parking Space: 33,360m2
Total No. of Buildings: 50

The project is basically categorises into Five Zones namely:-

1) Main Entrance Building, General Directorate, Officer's Dorms, Mess & Club, Cultural Center and Parade Viewing Stand Zone
2) SF Departments' Zone
3) Education and Military Training Fields and Facilities Zone
4) Sports and Communal Facilities Zone
5) General Support Services Zone

The project comprises of various buildings and services such as Bldg. No.1 (General Directorate), Bldg. No. 2 (Riot Control Department), Bldgs. No. 3A, 3B (Security Battalions, Special Units Department), Bldg. No. 4 (Armored Battalion, Special Units Department), Bldg. No. 5 (Special Battalion, Special Units Department), Bldg. No. 6 (Explosives Department), Bldg. No. 7 (V.I.P. Protection Department), Bldg. No. 9 (Education Bldg.), Bldg. No. 9C1 (Infantry Training Field), Bldg. No. 9C2 (Riot Control Training Field), Bldgs. No. 9C3, 9C3a, 9C4 (Arms Training Field, Sheds and Classrooms), Bldg. No. 9D1 (Pistol and Submachine Gun Open Shooting Range), Bldg. No. 9D2 (Rifle Open Shooting Range), Bldg. No. 9D3a (Open Tactical Shooting Range), Bldg. No. 9D3b (Combat Gas Training Room), Bldg. No. 9D3c (Shooting Room Range), Bldgs. No. 9D4, 9F2 (Indoor Shooting Range & Aircraft Mock-Up), Bldg. No. 9D5 (Explosives Disposal Training Field), Bldg. No. 9E1a (Climbing and Abseiling Tower), Bldgs. No. 9E1b,c,d (Free Knot and Net Climbing Obstacle and Crossing Rope Bridge), Bldg. No. 9E3 (Bayonet Training Platform), Bldg. No. 9E2 (Close Battle Quarter), Bldg. No. 9F1 (Urban Village)  which consists 2-Storeyed Villa, Storage Yard, Workshop, Store and One Storey Villa, One Storey Arabic Residence, Access Control Bldg. & Explosion Store, Two Storey Residence, Commercial Complex and Two Storey Government Bldgs., Bldg. No. 9F3 (Building Mock-Up), Bldg. No. 9F4 (Operational Training Scenario), Bldg. No. 9G (General Services Bldg. for Military Training Fields), Bldg. No. 9H (Special Vehicles Training Field), Bldg. No. 17 (Sports Center Building), Bldg. No. 20 (Ration and Services Sections), Bldg. No. 21 (Mosque), Bldg. No. 22 (Officers Dorms, Mess and Club), Bldg. No. 23 (Privates’ Mess, Central Kitchen and Civilians Dormitories), Bldg. No. 24 (Shopping Center), Bldgs. No. 24A, 24A1 (Laundry & Boiler Room Buildings),  Bldg. No. 25 (Cultural Center), Bldg. No. 26 (Clinic), Bldg. No. 28 (Main Gate), Bldgs. No. 29, 29a, 30 (Service Gate and Watch Towers), Bldg. No. 31 (Supply Section), Bldgs. No. 32, 33 (Quartermaster, Spare Parts, Equipment and Supply Stores), Bldg. No. 34 (Arms and Ammunition Stores), Bldgs. No. 34A, 35 (Explosives and Grenades Stores), Bldg. No. 36 (Technical Section and Auto Workshop), Bldg. No. 37 (Service Station), Bldg. No. 38 (Maintenance Section and Workshop), Bldg. No. 39 (Electromechanical Plant & Electrical Sub-Station), Bldg. No. 41 (Football Field and Grand Stand), Bldg. No. 42 (Parade Viewing Stand), Bldg. No. 43 (Special Forces Emblem and Flags Poles), Bldg. No. 44 (Resting Shed), Bldg. No. 45 (Armored Vehicle Parking Shed), Bldg. No. 46 (Car Parking Shed), Bldg. No. 47 (Dog Kennels), Bldg. No. 48 (Elevated Water Tank), Bldg. No. 49 (Ground Reservoir) and Bldg. No. 50 (Irrigation Tank)