Sabah Al Ahmed Housing City - Part 1 of Neighbourhood (A) - Blocks A1, A2 & A3

Project Title: Construction, completion and maintenance of 1271 Houses, Public Buildings, Electrical Substation Type (2 & 4), Road Works, Car Parks and Infrastruction Works for Part 1 of Neighbourhood - A (Blocks A1, A2 & A3) in Sabah Al-Ahmed Housing City  - Contract No. 1150 - 11KV Main Substation Works (4TR/2TR)
Client: Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW), Kuwait
Main Contractor: M.A. Alkharafi & Sons
Subcontractor: Alamiah Building Co. KSCC
Subcontract Scope: Precast Works
Subcontract Value: KD 850,000.000

Alamiah was awarded the subcontract  for supply, execution, completion, handing over and maintenance for Precast works for 34 nos. of 11KV Main Ring Substation Type-1 (4 Transformers) and 4 nos. of 11KV Main Ring Substation Type-2 (2 Transformers), for Contract No.1150 - Sabah Al-Ahmed Housing City - Part 1 of Neighbourhood - A (Blocks A1, A2 & A3), Kuwait.